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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 16, 2017 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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good evening. thanks for joining us. >> justy winds increased fire danger to a critical level and are causing problems across the bay area. >> gusts brought down a redwood street in redwood city. a tree crushed a car and took out power lines. >> the oakland zoo is having issues. >> check out this boat at the sauce lito harbor. high winds were pushing boats into the basement marin fire helped people corral their boats. >> wind speed and low humidity
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led to critical fire danger. >> let's check in. >> those winds have been gusting over 40 miles per hour. even tonight the winds have not backed off at all. current wind gusts you see across the region from 20 to 30 miles per hour. the current wind gust in livermore and higher gusts in the hills. even spring valley have gusts. winds are cooling us off and drying out our air. red flag in effect tomorrow for fire conditions. we'll talk about when those winds calm down coming up in a few minutes, guys. not north bay the wind is causing high anxiety among people who experienced the terrifying wires of last october. the houses lost their homes and
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it's bringing back memories. fire departments are on high alert. we're in santa rosa at the latest. >> i'm living up in windsor in a little apartment. of course, i'm thinking, again, here we go. >> it brings up a lot of angst because it's very blustery. >> it's an all too painful reminder of similar fire weather two months ago that created a monster fire storm that chased thousands from their homes leaving neighborhoods in ashes. fire equipment is being putting back in service. >> these are 100-foot rolls. >> fire engines are patrolling hill top areas. >> between the low relative
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humidity, that could be dangers. >> it's tough for everyone right now. >> this toy giveaway at the sonoma fair grounds was a nice distraction from the weather. this woman and her husband collected $20,000 worth of toys. >> we thought time and time how is santa going to find me. no matter what you are, santa will always find. >> you a generous community giving back this holiday. >> fire crews will be on heightened alert all week long. take a look. that is tweet from the alameda fired up whether it describes how extra crews will be on duty during a red flag warning. cal fire also stationed a helicopter at the livermore airport to respond quickly to
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any wildfires in the tri-valley area. >> check out the air quality from yesterday to today. friday was the eighth day in a row in which we had a spare the air day. that expired today. hundreds of protests countered a planned march in san francisco against sanctuary cities. >> i'm here supporting our president and i'm standing up against the radical left that protection criminal areas at the expense of american citizens. >> we were in union square as fight sanctuary state movement called to end sanctuary states. >> here to stand up to anti-immigrant bigotry and to say no to donald trump and his racist program of scapegoating
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and deporting our immigrant brothers and sisters. >> the group madrid rched to pi. san francisco stirred an already heated debut about sanctuary cities when undocumented immigrant was charged with shooting kate steinle in 2015. city officials released him befo without turning him over to immigration authorities. the bill in congress is expected to pass next week but president trump isn't taking chances. we have the latest from washington. >> president trump defending hid tax reform plan saturday. >> everybody's going to be benefit, but i think the greatest benefit is going to be for jobs and for the middle class. >> not so, say the democrats. >> what the republicans' bill does is shift important tax benefits from middle class and
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working families to the rich and corporate interests. >> the president, pushing back. >> the democrats have the sound bite, the standard sound bite. they talk about for the wealthy. >> republicans appear to have the votes for passage in both houses after two key senators no votes turned to yeses late yesterday. but polls show the majority of americans are opposed to the plan. >> republicans have fooled themselves to think that passing an unpopular tax bill pushed by an unpopular president is going to be helpful to them. >> the bill is expected to add $1.5 trillion to the deficit over a decade. it slashes the corporate tax rate nearly in half, but doubles the standard deduction for those who don't itemize. it maintains popular deductions for mortgage interests, student loans, but caps on those deductions will be lower and eliminates the obamacare individual mandate which could leave 13 million more americans
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without health insurance in the next decade. they want to take back the streets. >> never harm or kill anybody zen and they hope to do it one gun and bazooka at a time. >> i know cats go off and come back, but savannah to california? >> an epic journey for the cat who went cross country inside a pepsi truck. the family is hopeful he'll be home for the holidays. available to download, a major upgrade to the abc 7 news app. we rolled out exciting updates that fture more customization, personalized push alerts and an enhanced live video experience. now you can get only the news you want delivered to your phone in realtime. if you have an iphone, keep in mind you do need the latest mind you do need the latest software update.
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. people gave up 271 guns during a weapons buyback program in san francisco today. abc 7 news was on howard street south of market when police showed off this military grade shoulder mounted at 4 anti-tank weapon. somebody turned that in. officers also collected handbags, shot guns and high-powered rifles. a community leader says san francisco took a big step towards being less violent today. >> we got a bazooka off the streets, assault rifles, everything that you can name that could destroy a whole universe and we get rid of them within hours. >> buyback organizers say it succeed because of its no questions asked policies. fetus and transgender top a list of phrases banned from documents detailing watch dogs.
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"the washington post" reports the new policy surfaced during a meeting at the cdc headquarters in atlanta last week. we already mentioned fetus and transgender but the other forbidden words include vulnerable, entitled, evidence-based, and science-based. five months later, 2,400 miles away, a family cat suddenly appears in california. >> and now he could be home in time for christmas. the story behind his epic journey. meteorologist drew tuma will tell us when our normal winter weather willrn. >> the bowl season has started in college football. we'll take a tour while the nfl's back on saturday. ky game
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a cat who disappeared from its georgia home has been found here in california on a pepsi truck. >> how does that happen, right? our sister station in los angeles has that story. >> if only we could tell what kitty bitty is saying about where he's been the past five months. what we do know is he's resting at the riverside county animal shelter waiting to go home. but it's where home is that has a lot of people scratching their heads. >> it's not unbelievable to me. i know cats go off and come back, but savannah to california? >> you see, teresa cameron is the owner of five-year-old kitty bitty. they live in savannah, georgia, how how did he get to california? it started when he disappeared on the fourth of july. >> we figured he got afraid of
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fireworks. >> now fast forward about five months, and about 2,000 miles west ward to riverside. wednesday morning one of the drivers in a pepsi delivery truck found kitty bitty in the trailer. >> he had to have just crawled up inside one of them and decided to go exploring. >> and the cat was a little bit underweight so it probably hadn't eaten but very friendly. >> he was not microchipped but was wearing a collar. they had no idea she'd be on the other side of the country. >> they were just a little befuddled about it. they didn't expect the cat to have gone on such a long journey. >> folks at the animal shelter are gathering up money to hopefully fly kitty bitty back to georgia on monday. >> i wish that he would come home so i could give him a great, big hug. >> who would have thought, gone
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on the fourth of july, home for christmas. [ meowing ] now you're accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> we continue to see those winds blustery at times during the day continue even tonight as well. live doppler 7. we enjoyed sunshine under windy conditions. tonight we have clear skies with live doppler 7 coming up quiet. this picture was taken all day long. it's basically focused on san francisco right now as it jumps to and fro with these winds. you had a gust to 61 miles per hour at mount dab lo. by midday, the winds are going to start to ease back just a bit and really into the skparcht evening hours we do expect those
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winds to really calm down to less than about 10 miles per hour. winds out there right now, take a look at our current wind speeds. you see gusts at 29 right now in fairfield, 30 at sfo. livermore and half moon bay gusts of 28 miles per hour. temperature wise when you have these active winds like we have right now, the numbers are slow to drop even as the sun sets. numbers have only fallen a few degrees from their daytime highs. 59 in san francisco. 55 in san rafael. 54 in mountain view. concord, 57. future tracker wind gusts. 7:00 morning, you notice those winds coming out of the north, gusting in spots over 30 miles per hour. we advance the clock to noon on your sunday. in the middle of the day, winds begin to ease just a bit. you see a lot of spots they're not gusting anymore. that trend will continue later
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into the night on sunday. midnight on sunday the winds have calmed down with most spots less than 10 miles per hour. we're still under a wind advisory overnight tonight. we can see gusts near 50 miles per hour. we've already seen trees come down. that will be a threat continuing overnight tonight with isolated power outages. temperatures not too chilly compared to previous nights. we'll drop into the 40s in most spots. by the afternoon the winds will calm down. calmer conditions in the afternoon. sunset on the way, 63 behind san francisco. about 65 in oakland. 66 in san jose. 67 the high in is itsanta rosa. the winds ease sunday orphan afternoon. monday and tuesday is quiet. wednesday there's a chance of a light sprinkle. by thursday, friday, saturday, a
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little change with dry conditions continuing. we kick off with the chargers and chiefs in kansas city saturday night. chiefs could put space between themselves and the rest of the league. second quarter, threw for 230 yards. hill, see you. 64 yards. 10-0, chiefs. would turn into a nascar pit crew. smith, waiting and waiting until he gets away from the hold. three-yard touchdown catch. 17-13 chiefs. chargers got the ball back. philip rivers through three interceptions. marcus peters out of oakland, swo of those picks, same numbers the raiders had all year. five-yard touchdown run. 24 carries, 155 yards for the rookie. chiefs win 30-13 and take sole
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possession of first place in the afc west. second quarter, detroit up 6 after a pair of field goals get into the end zone. stafford, 13-0. and we get to see rocketts. ebron, back of the end zone. lions win 20-10. improving to 8-6. college football season began today. north carolina at&t, home of the two best teams in the land. game tied at 14-14. fakes, throws to bell. inbounds it to three. he runs it in himself and north carolina completes the season with a 21-14 victory. las vegas bowel, boise state and oregon, ducks quarterback her better through two interceptions including this brutal throw to collie.
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24-0, boise state. looks like a blowout? wrong. oregon's defense, two tds. robinson, 100 yard pick six off. boise state would hang on thanks to a pair of touchdowns. spins off a defender, 13 yards. boise state, your las vegas bowl champs. california high school title, division ii. second quarter, reed, td pass to ech williams, great catch. 8-7, saint francis. 2:00 to go. same two for another great touchdown. saint francis wins their first state title in school history. 22-13. by the way, both teams' mascot
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is the lancers. half moon bay high school faced off against san diego steel canyon. the kourgz despite their 14-0 record fall 44-42. what a season by half moon bay. first ever state title game. they should be proud at 14-1. college hoops. fullerton started the game on a 12-0 run. led by as many as 15. down three, 2:00 remaining. cole n banks it in, we go to over time. starting at a 7-0 run, coleman misses the three, gets his own rebound skppand puts it in. >> we need momentum in every game. it's better than starting slow.
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i like starting out fast. we have to keep the momentum going until the next game. >> 13,000 people, 28 kids on the team, they were never the biggest, strongest and fastest, but yet got to the state finals, half moon bay. >> what heart. >> everybody played both ways, right? >> coming up, a bay area tradition that puts a s
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tonight at 11:00, pausing to remember. san franciscans get ready to say goodbye to the mayor. a search for ufos. we're learning about a classified program about an unexplained encounter in california. lots of holiday cheer for kids at glide's freedom hall in san francisco. >> merry christmas. >> abc 7 use was in the tenderloin neighborhood as hundreds of volunteers handed out toys to kids in need. the organizers say it's about creating a joyful experience for the holidays. >> what smiles on their faces. >> that's right. >> that's it for abc 7 news at, what time is it? 9:00. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
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